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Welcome to my online portfolio.

You will find below a selection of my artworks in different styles and media. In each of the following four categories, you will find a few relevant projects. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact me.



Traditional Art

Traditional art was my first love. Since childhood, I have loved experimenting with media and techniques, mixing them along as I went. 

Nowadays, I mostly work in watercolour, but I sometimes paint in gouache, draw in pencils or create in mixed media


Digital Illustration

I have always liked playing around with computers, but buying my first Ipad in 2021 changed my life. 

Since making the big jump, I have worked with many different software and found my 'digital style', which is inspired by traditional media. I now work about digital three quarters of the time

Earth Day


Untitled_Artwork copy 1.png


As a lover of words and languages, I have been interested in lettering for a long time, but I really started working on it when I went digital.


I like how versatile a lettering piece can be! Poster, graphic novel, greeting card, book cover... it is literally everywhere.


Surface Pattern Design

Another great discover when I started to work digitally was pattern design. I was always attracted to the intricate patterns, the tiny elements which built a coherent whole and the use of colours and negative space you can see on fabric, wallpaper, stationery or homeware.

I make both vector and raster patterns.

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